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photo editing

Let's face it, life's most treasured events aren't always captured by a professional photographer.  Girls night out, first date selfie, or baby's first steps are usually snapped quick with a phone by you or a loved one.  These snapshots should remind you of the way you felt the moment they were captured.  That's where I come in.


I'm Kat (it's short for Kathleen) and I edit photos. Growing up in our family's portrait studio, I've spent countless hours renewing photos.  Whether in the darkroom or at my laptop, I love bringing the magic of real life moments to the photographs we remember them by.

When renewing a photo, anything is possible!  My process combines techniques from four unique categories.  Refresh, Retouch, Restore and Reimagine.  Take a look below to decide which technique is right for your photograph or try combining adjustments from all four!  



  • adjust light + contrast

  • adjust color + tone

  • crop / rotate / straighten

  • adjust perspective



  • soften wrinkles

  • remove blemishes

  • enhance makeup 

  • slim unflattering areas



  • remove cracks + tears

  • colorize black + white image

  • enhance resolution

  • remove dust + scratches



  • remove people or objects

  • add people or objects

  • face swap

  • change background

  • blend multiple images

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